Find ease in relating to yourself and others. 


Through Feldenkrais and Focusing 

You are invited to join three days of Feldenkrais, three days of Focusing, or the full six-day retreat. 
Leaving your familiar environment and obligations behind and being in the midst of nature, holds great transformative potential.
We would encourage you to join the full six-day retreat, as it combines three deeply complementary modalities.
Take this time to attend to your inner needs, and to develop a friendly and open awareness to what you might usually deny or reject. This is also the foundation for relating to others honestly and deeply. 
Improve your movement coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility as you emerge yourself in a process of guided self-exploration.
Given an open mind for something new, you will walk away from this retreat freshly charged with energy, with new possibilities, and with a readiness to explore your newly learned tool-box in your own unique way.
Feldenkrais Method
Venue:Miao-li, Taiwan
Facilitator:Amona & Sofia
Early Bird NTD $ 14,400before 2020/01/21)。Special Price for Feldenkrais+FocusingNTD $ 26,200元。
Special discount: 10% off for 2 people book together.
Venue:Miao-li, Taiwan
Early Bird NTD $ 14,400before 2020/01/21)。Special Price for Feldenkrais+FocusingNTD $ 26,200元。
Special discount: 10% off for 2 people book together.

Feldenkrais Method – Find Ease & Creativity Through Embodiment

Being in contact with your body, with yourself, the Feldenkrais-way enables you to learn to refine your existing skills, as well as to expand into a wider range of possibilities in your life. 

Awareness Through Movement lessons are structured, guided, gentle moment explorations which allow you to train your inner sensitivity and self-awareness. This enables you to sense what’s best for you so that you don’t need to rely on outer authorities to advise you.

  • Discover that the process of all learning is most effective given a playful, gentle and meditative quality

  • Recognize how to perform all of your life’s actions with greater ease and grace

  • Feel authentically creative and deeply alive

  • Experience a deeper sense of peace and at-homeness


Often, we feel that we are not good enough, and we are afraid we might not make the right decisions. We then freeze or use effort to make up for our apparent shortcomings. But you can learn to find ease and flexibility, balance and strength, both physically as well as a general atmosphere of your life by practicing these unique tools of self-observation.


Free Movement


In the Feldenkrais retreat, you will also explore free movement practice led by co-facilitator Sofia.


In order to create a bridge, which enables you to take what you learned from the Feldenkrais Method into life as it unfolds unpredictably and spontaneously, we will enrich the process with embodied, dynamic and free movement practices.

We are born to move. In the process, you will firstly find access to your resources which are already there for you. You will listen to your moving self, to its conditioned beliefs and its freedom. It might be a real surprise how much you can actually enjoy and embrace your dancing-self. 


Further, you will step into connecting with others, and with the world.  Questions such as—how to stay grounded, how to keep the conversation going, how to support yourself while supporting others, how to stay aligned to your true self when things get tricky— will be raised and responded through the embodied practice.


This will be a journey of unfolding your treasures within and of supporting your own wellbeing as you co-create your life’s journey with others. 


Focusing – Relate to yourself and others with Emotional Intelligence


Being in contact with your body and with yourself the Focusing-way enables you to develop emotional intelligence and thereby to be in loving contact with yourself and others.

Listening to the wisdom of your body is a precious tool through which you are able to neither suppress nor get lost in your emotions.


Focusing is a gentle and meditative process in which the person being accompanied to focus inside themselves verbally shares his or her inner experience. The companion is deeply present and empathically listens to and reflects the Focuser.

During this safe and gentle process:

  • You listen to yourself and others with every cell of your body, with your whole being and a deep acceptance

  • You allow yourself to be seen while authentically being yourself

  • You express yourself honestly yet respectfully

  • Where you might have felt stuck, you once again experience a change happening

We all have moments in our lives when we feel stuck, confused, or undecided. We might then hide from others, or we might feel irritated, reactive and disconnected while being with others.


Immerse yourself in this respectful, transformative atmosphere, in which you could possibly feel more deeply listened to than ever - by others, but even by yourself.

Learn to have a friendly relationship with yourself and others and discover a deep sense of inner and outer connectedness.

Some Words from Amona

After having practiced the Feldenkrais Method and meditation for twenty years, Amona discovered Focusing by Eugene Gendlin a few years ago and suddenly found that her life became so much more loving and richer with these additional tools for looking into herself. As Amona expresses it: “While I have not become more flawless or perfect, I have learned to deeply embrace the innocence and beauty behind my own and other people’s difficulties. Paradoxically, admitting and attending to our vulnerabilities does not make us weaker, but – done in a helpful way –  makes us stronger in a true sense.”

Some Words from Sofia

As a certified Awareness Through Movement teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, Sofia is passionate in bridging the gentle and structured practice to the expressive, dynamic and contemplative realm of improvisational dance, as a tool for self-development and empowerment. “I came across the Feldenkrais Method after many years of exploring somatic dance approaches,” said Sofia, “For me, it’s the same language about presence, about totality, about making choices, about how we can live more whole-heartedly and embodied in this ever-changing world.”